From where do the funds come?

All our funds come through voluntary donations from individuals and organizations only. No grants or maintenance costs are received from any government agency.

How are they accounted for?

All funds received are duly receipted and audited. Annual audited accounts are submitted to the income Tax authorities and the Charity Commissioner.

How are they invested?

All donations received are credit to the Corpus Fund, which is invested in secure Securities, mainly in the Reserve Bank Of India, and scheduled recognized banks. The interest obtained from the Corpus Fund is used for the running and maintenance of all three Branches.

No investments are made in shares or mutual funds, as these are not permitted by the Charity Commissioner.

How can one make a donation?

Anyone can make a donation in cash or kind. Donation are accepted in cash or cheques in the name of Shanti Avedna Sadan. All donations should be handed only to the Administrator/Secretary and an official receipt obtained for the same. Cheques should be sent by registered mail and will be duly acknowledged after realization of the same. When no receipts are required, the cash donation can be dropped in the donation box of the Sadan. For donations in kind, the donors are requested to inquire with the Administrator, what materials are required and would be useful in the Sadan, before bringing the same. All donors are requested to sign a form stating details of the donation and earmarking the donation for the Corpus Fund. This is necessary for tax purposes. Als the PAN number of the donor must be stated.

Are there facilities for endowments?

Endowments are welcomed under the following categories, as available:

Endowment for one floor: Rs.50 Lakhs
Endowment for one ward: Rs.10 Lakhs
Endowment for one single room: Rs.4 Lakhs
Co-sponsor for one single room: Rs.2 Lakhs
Endowment for one bed: Rs.2 Lakhs
Co-sponsor for one bed: Rs.1 Lakh
Equipping one ward: Rs.2.5 Lakhs
Cost of one bed: Rs.25,000/-
Cost of one table: Rs.15,000/-
Cost of one locker: Rs.10,000/-
Other equipment: As per cost.

How are the endowments commemorated?

All endowments are commemorated with a donor plaque on the item endowed.

How are donations acknowledged?

All donations received are acknowledged with an official receipt.
All donations of Rs.10,000/- and above receive our special Certificate of Appreciation.
All major donors are listed as “Friends of Shanti Avedna” and receive periodic reports of the work done to inform them how their donations is helping our patients.

Are there any special benefits for donors?

All donations and endowments are accepted totally unconditionally. No donor is entitled for any special privilege for admission or treatment of any case, which is followed strictly by our rules and regulations.

Are there any tax benefits for donors?

Yes, all donors receive tax Exemption Certificate and are entitled for Income Tax rebates under Sec. 80G. Our current 80G Exemption Order No. is DIT(E)/MC/80G/1885/2005/2004-5 Dtd. 26.03.2005. PAN AABTS6956L Valid up to 31.03.2008. This is renewed every three years.

How are foreign donations received?

All foreign donations, either in Indian currency or foreign currency are deposited only in our Foreign Currency Account under the FCRA with the Indian Bank, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai. An audited statement of all foreign donations is sent annually to Delhi as required by F.C.R.A regulations.




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