Who manages the Sadan?

The Sadan is managed by a Governing Body consisting of five Trustees and othe Board members as follows:

Cardinal Ivan Dias : Patron Trustee
Dr. Souza : Managing Trustee
Sr. Ancy Kottuppalli : Administrator/Trustee
Mrs. Carmen de Souza : Trustee
Dr. Satyavati Sirsat: Trustee

Dr. Sateesh R. Gupte
Mr. Anil K. Nehru
Mr. Walter Saldanha
Mr. Jamshed Kanga
Mr. Homi Ayrton
Mr. Rapheal Donald
Air Marshal Denzil Keelor
Mr. Julio Ribeiro

Who gives the Nursing Care?

The nursing care, which is the most important is given by trained and qualified members of the nursing order of the Holy Cross Sisters, with much love and devotion. They form the “Heart” of the Sadan. They are helped by paramedical nursing aides, in all three Branches.

Who gives the Medical Care?

The day-to-day Medical Care is given by specially trained doctors in palliative care, in all our Branches.
In addition, specialist care is given by our onco-surgeon whenever needed.
Other specialty doctors like dentists, skin specialists, anesthetists etc. are invited on voluntary basis to help patients whenever a specific need arises.

Who gives Supportive Care?

Supportive Care is given by a whole team, consisting of volunteers, social workers, occupational therapists, counselors, and religious advisors. Most of all, the family members are trained and encouraged to support the patient as best as possible.

How is the patient received?

The patient is received very warmly by the staff and made immediately comfortable. They are washed and cleaned and given a comfortable bed. They are given initial medication as necessary, so that they are comfortable. The formalities are filled in by the relatives, and the honorary doctor examines the patient and prescribes further necessary medication.

Can a relative stay with the patient?

We encourage relatives to visit the patient as often as possible. Also when extra care is needed, or patient is serious, we do permit a relative to stay with the patient.

What food is given to the patient?

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is given to the patients. Sometimes, when possible, their special food requests are also attended to. For tube feeding, special food formulas are used.

Can outside food be brought?

We do note permit outside food to be brought, because it often upsets the patient and interferes with the mediation. In special circumstances, if outside food is permitted, it must be with the knowledge of the nursing staff and handed over to the staff to be given to the patient.

What clothing is given?

The patients are permitted to bring and wear their own clothing. When this is not possible, the Sadan provides a clean and fresh supply of comfortable clothing as needed.

What are the other activities?

The patients are given various relaxation and recreational facilities, such as games, T.V., visits to the garden, outings etc. We also have an occupational therapist, who teaches and supports occupational therapy to keep the patients occupied. The patient are often visited by groups that entertain them. All major festivals like Diwali, Christmas, etc are celebrated to bring joy into their lives. We, however, strictly do not permit spiritual indoctrination of any kind by visiting groups.

What happens when the patient passes away?

When the patient passes away, the relatives are informed, if they are not already there. The deceased is washed and dressed and laid in the prayer room for any last rites to be done according to each religion. The deceased is then given over to the family, with a death certificate for burial or cremation as desired.

What funeral rites are observed?

The funeral rites are as per each person’s religion. When there is no family, the Sadan undertakes to perform the last rites as needed.

What are the mortuary facilities?

The Sadan has a small mortuary for the use of its inmates only. This rule is strictly followed for the medico-legal reasons. The deceased is kept in the mortuary, in case the family members need some time to come, or if there is some delay in the funeral rites.





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