Who is entitled to this care?

Any patient who has advanced Cancer is entitled to this care. It is important however, that all possible useful treatment for the Cancer has already been given, and the patient will not benefit from any such further treatment, even for palliation. Our doctors very carefully screen the patient to confirm this, before admission. Preference for admission is given to those cases with severe distressing symptoms and the poor and desititute. All admissions are made irrespective of any caste or creed.

From where do the patients come?

Most patients are sent from the Cancer hospitals or the general hospitals, not only in Mumbai, but from all over India. Some also come from private hospitals, or are sent by general practitioners. Many are also brought by religious and social workers.

How are the patients referred?

We request that a special referral form be filled in by the referring hospital doctor. This is important for us, as it states the diagnosis of the patient and all the treatment given to the patient. This information is necessary for us to plan further treatment and care. The referral forms are available at most referring institutions or can easily be obtained from the Sadan, at no cost.

Who brings the patients?

The patient is usually brought by the family members. Sometimes they are brought by carers and well wishers, and even by the religious or social workers.

Can the patient come directly?

Yes, the patient an come directly also. However, they must bring all records of treatment given. These are evaluated by our doctors, who then fill the necessary referral form, if the patient is suitable for admission in the Sadan. We prefer, however, that referral forms are filled by the referring hospitals or doctors.

What are the timings for admissions?

Admissions are normally done during the daytime working hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. No night admissions are made, except in special circumstances, when prior intimation has been given that the patient is coming from out of town. There are strictly no emergency admissions.

When is it best to bring a patient?

Once a decision has been taken that no further active Cancer treatment is possible, the patient should be brought sooner than later, especially if there are severe distressing symptoms. This gives us a chance to relieve their symptoms in time and make them more comfortable. It is of little use to bring gasping patients in their last moments, as there is very little that we can do to help tem at that stage. It is much better to keep them at home, if the end is almost imminent. It is more beneficial to bring the patients earlier then later.

Can a patient go home after admission?

Most certainly the patient can go home whenever he/she want to and the family is willing to look after them. In fact, once the patient is pain and symptom free, we encourage our patients to go home, and almost 20% of our inmates do so.

Can a discharged patient come back?

Yes, the patient can always come back to the Sadan, if the symptoms or discomfort increases, or the family finds it difficult to look after them at home.

Can a discharged patient get the medicines to take home?

We do not like the pai medicines to be discontinued especially the opiates. Hence, a week’s supply of medication is given to the patient to take home. Thereafter, the patient or relative must collect the supplies weekly, after reporting on the condition of the patient, and any dose adjustment if needed.

What are the undertakings to be given on admission?

The person who admits the patient must give celear information of the address and telephone contacts of the patient. These are important for the staff to contact the family in case the patient is serious or expires. An undertaking is also taken that the family understands the care given at the Sadan and accepts the same. In case of destitute cases, an undertaking is taken from the patient whenever possible, to do the last funeral rites also. This avoids the problem of handing them over to the police authorities as unclaimed bodies. Whenever necessary the Sadan performs the last rites for the patient as per his/her religion at our own cost.

Are there any charges to be paid at Shanti Avedna Sadan?

There are no charges whatsoever to be paid either for admission or for any are of service given at the Shanti Avedna Sadan. There is also no need for any recommendations as all suitable cases are accepted.





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